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Annet van de Velden

orthomolecular therapist

About me

Welcome to my orthomolecular therapy practice!

Eat&Sea stands for nutritional therapy at the seaside.

My name is Annet van de Velden and like my dad Kees van de Velden I am an orthomolecular therapist.

I am a member of the Society to promote Orthomolecular Medicine (SOM).

The SOM safeguards the quality of services provided within Orthomolecular Medicine through for example obligated further training and quality standards. Because of my membership your sessions can be reimbursed by your health insurer. Please check your health policy in advance. 

In my practice I work with other healthcare specialists in conventional medicine. For example, only with your approval, I can deliberate with your general practitioner when this is necessary or can be beneficial to your health.


Balanced nutrition is one of the keys to health. It is my mission to help you in your process of getting healthy by way of nutrition intervention and supplements.


The focus points of my working method are personal guidance and attention to your story.


1. We start with an Online Intake 

Upon the booking of this session you will receive an intake form + various online questionnaires by email in advance. When you send this back to me, you will receive an initial estimate of your therapy trajectory and a global insight in what it would take to reduce your health complaints.


When we decide to start the treatment process together, we will continue with 4 Follow Up sessions that we plan in consultation with each other. These 4 sessions are included in my Basic Rate (see my rates ).


Based on the intake, I will email you your Basic Therapy Plan so that you can get started yourself while we have the necessary investigations up and running. This Basic therapy plan is then further fine-tuned after my analysis of the research results.


Further investigation (blood and / or stool) is always desirable for a thorough approach to your complaints.

It depends on the nature of your health complaints which tests are needed. I will always coordinate and discuss this with you first.



2. The Online Follow Up Sessions


In 4 sessions (spread over a number of weeks) we go through all your information and research results so that we can tailor your Therapy Plan specifically to your health needs.


For this I request an investment of €160 excluding laboratory costs and supplementation. This is my Basic Rate .


Thanks to the Basic Therapy Plan you now have an impression of what a correct diet entails for you and now it comes down to your daily choices and developing insight into your health.


Because making other choices through lifestyle adjustments is often the most complicated part of any recovery process, we can agree on a follow-up frequency together as desired.


3. We plan a Walking Session on the Scheveningen beach and / or we plan online Follow Up sessions that are linked to your Recovery route.


Because stress management and listening to your body are prerequisites for every recovery process, I developed the Walking Session. For example, after the 4 follow-up sessions instead of online coaching, you can also choose to take a relaxed walk with me once over the course of your treatments to better integrate the therapy in your life.


During our walks I listen to your story and I mirror you. Emotions are given space and you can let them be - the beach surroundings facilitates your process.

I provide you with tools so you are better equipped to relax yourself and you learn to recognize and recognize your own body signals so that your therapy can integrate well into your lifestyle.


Are you breathing correctly? Do you give space to your feelings?


Through practical exercises and my feedback you will become empowered!


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