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Your shift to health


Annet van de Velden

orthomolecular & gastrointestinal therapist

About Eat & Sea Therapy

Welcome to my practice!

Eat & Sea Therapy stands for orthomolecular & gastrointestinal therapy and walking coaching by the sea for a healthier and more vital life.


My name is Annet van de Velden and I am an Orthomolecular & Gastrointestinal Therapist.


As an Orthomolecular & Gastrointestinal  Therapist I am able to map the health of your gastrointestinal tract and analyze and treat it in relation to your health complaints. I do not diagnose, that is the prerogative of a medical specialist. I am a registered member of the professional association the Society for the Promotion of Orthomolecular Medicine ( the MBOG ) .


I work with specialists in regular medicine. This way, your doctor can be involved with your consent when necessary. You cannot contact me for acute or life-threatening illnesses, in case of an emergency you should always contact your doctor / emergency department.


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Sandy Beach



Evert recovery proces starts with an intake.


Recovery program



Basic Therapy Plan by email

Session 1: Research

Session 2: Lifestyle

Session 3: Nutrition

Session 4: Phase I Detoxification

Session 5: Phase II Elimination

Session 6: Phase III Regeneration

Session 7: Phase IV Stabilization

When you would like to be coached by me more often, I recommend checking out the coaching packages.


Excluding laboratorium costs and supplements.

Recovery program for kids




Session 1: Research

Session 2: Nutrition

Session 3: Therapy


From birth untill 14 years.


Children generally respond quickly to therapy. If a long-term recovery process is indicated, I recommend combining this process with a coaching package.


Excluding laboratorium costs and supplements.

Online coaching


Integrated coaching parallel to your recovery process.


To improve:

emotional health, lifestyle, breathing therapy and personal development.

When you would like to be coached by me more often, I recommend checking out the coaching packages.


WALKING Coaching 


Through practical exercises, reflection and relaxation you will become more empowered!


For people who need support on a psychological and emotional level.


Walking coaching in the beautiful environment of the Scheveningen beach.