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Annet van de Velden

orthomolecular therapist

About me

Welcome to my orthomolecular therapy practice!

Eat&Sea stands for nutritional therapy at the seaside.

My name is Annet van de Velden and like my dad Kees van de Velden I am an orthomolecular therapist.

I am a member of the Society to promote Orthomolecular Medicine (SOM).

The SOM safeguards the quality of services provided within Orthomolecular Medicine through for example obligated further training and quality standards. Because of my membership your sessions can be reimbursed by your health insurer. Please check your health policy in advance. 

In my practice I work with other healthcare specialists in conventional medicine. For example, only with your approval, I can deliberate with your general practitioner when this is necessary or can be beneficial to your health.


Balanced nutrition is one of the keys to health. It is my mission to help you in your process of getting healthy by way of nutrition intervention and supplements.



The pillars of my method are personal guidance and focus on your story.

1. We start with a free, online Introductory meeting.

You will receive an initial assessment of whether and, if so, which treatment plan may be effective for you.

When we decide to work together on your health, I will send you an extensive intake form and food diary template afterwards. I need this information to draw up a personal treatment plan and is the basis of our Therapy Session. 


2. In the Online Basic Session we discuss your intake, food diary and treatment plan.

I take the feedback from our session and email you your treatment plan afterwards. 

After the Therapy Session we have regular (weekly) contact about your recovery process. I give you advice, recipes and tips so that the treatment plan can become part of your life.

By now you have an impression of what is a good and healthy food pattern for you and now it comes down to your daily choices. 

Altering your lifestyle and foodchoices is something most people need help and guidance with. This is why I have created Walking sessions and Nutrition Schedule Sessions.

3. We plan a walking session on the beach of Scheveningen and/or start with weekly nutrition schedules.

Through practical exercises and my feedback you will become more empowered!

Depending on what you need and desire, we will discuss an appropriate course of action.

You now have the tools and you have made the fundamental shift to recover from your complaints and health symptoms.

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