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Your shift to health


The basis for health lies in the gastrointestinal tract.


It affects overall immunity and in particular mucosal immunity, the hormone system and mental well-being.


With the information from your gastrointestinal tract and targeted orthomolecular bowel therapy can reduce health complaints.


I do this by optimizing your gastrointestinal environment through cause-oriented intestinal therapy and by supplementing the cell metabolism with the correct (nutrients) substances from orthomolecular medicine.



Annet van de Velden

orthomolecular & gastrointestinal therapist

About Eat & Sea Therapy

Welcome to my practice!

Eat & Sea Therapy stands for orthomolecular & gastrointestinal therapy and walking coaching by the sea for a healthier and more vital life.


My name is Annet van de Velden and I am an Orthomolecular & Gastrointestinal Therapist.


As an Orthomolecular & Gastrointestinal  Therapist I am able to map the health of your gastrointestinal tract and analyze it in relation to your health complaints. I do not diagnose, that is the prerogative of a medical specialist. I am a registered member of the professional association the Society for the Promotion of Orthomolecular Medicine ( the MBOG ) .


I work with specialists in regular medicine. This way, your doctor can be involved with your consent when necessary. You cannot contact me for acute or life-threatening illnesses, in case of an emergency you should always contact your doctor / emergency department.



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Recovery program



Basic Therapy Plan by email

Session 1: Research

Session 2: Lifestyle

Session 3: Nutrition

Session 4: Phase I Detoxification

Session 5: Phase II Elimination

Session 6: Phase III Regeneration

Session 7: Phase IV Stabilization


Excluding laboratorium costs and supplements.

Online coaching


Integrated coaching parallel to your recovery process.


To improve:

emotional health, lifestyle, breathing therapy and personal development.


WALKING Coaching 


Through practical exercises, reflection and relaxation you will become more empowered!


For people who need support on a psychological and emotional level.


Walking coaching in the beautiful environment of the Scheveningen beach.

  • Meest gekozen

    Coaching Pakket

    5 Persoonlijke Coaching Sessies (online)
    Valid for 12 months
    • 5 Persoonlijke Coaching Sessies (online)
    • Flexibele coaching- ook in het weekend en in de avonduren
  • Coaching Pakket Plus

    10 Persoonlijke Coaching Sessies (online)
    Valid for 12 months
    • 10 online coaching sessies
    • Flexibele coaching- ook in het weekend en in de avonduren

Targeted research provides insight into your health status.

Depending on your health complaints, I can request the research tests below on behalf of you from a specialized laboratory. I analyze the research results for you and discuss them extensively with you during our sessions.


The tests below are just a selection of the possible tests that can provide insight into your health status. The rates in the overview are the laboratory rates. I do not charge any extra costs for the conducted research. My analysis of the research results is included in the recovery program rate.


The rates in the overview are subject to change. Therefore, you cannot derive any rights from this overview. During the intake, I will indicate which examinations are necessary to effectively improve your health.

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