"In my practice Eat&Sea Therapy, I support you using orthomolecular & gut therapy in your path to health so you can achieve a fundamental shift that allows a reduction of symptoms."

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My story

After obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Dutch Law and European and International Law at the University of Groningen, I completed my LL.M. in International Business Law at the VU in Amsterdam. Subsequently I started working as a corporate general counsel at various companies and government agencies.


During my various assignments I noticed that many people suffer from work-related stress but also from stress in their private lives. As a result, they are not always able to make the right (nutritional) choices, which can lead to a vicious circle resulting in a deterioration of health.

This vicious circle usually leads to burnout. Stress can aggravats symptoms and chronic stress blocks healing processes.


As an orthomolecular therapist I started to develop myself in the gastrointestinal tract. Many diseases have their origin in gastrointestinal problems or a non-optimal gastrointestinal environment. By restoring and optimizing the gastrointestinal tract, imbalances in the body can be restored, allowing orthomolecular therapy to be used more effectively during the therapy and afterwards. As a Gut Therapy Specialist, I treat people of all ages (from newborn babies to old age). 


As a person I am empathetic, communicative, analytical and curious. 

I regularly attend training and courses in the fields of gut health, orthomolecular medicine and preventative care. 

I look forward to guiding you in your quest for better health, vitality and tone!



Kranenburgweg 182A

2583ER Den Haag