Eat&Sea services & rates

Within Eat&Sea Therapy you can be helped by me in different ways.  Is your health problem not listed below and are you curious whether I can help you with it? Please send an email with your question to info@eatandsea.nl so I can always think along with you.

Every recovery program starts with an online intake. You can book your intake and then together we will see which pathway best suits the approach of your health problems.  Check out the different therapy pathways below for more information.

My sessions are eligible for reimbursement by several health insurance companies. Want to know which ones? Click here.



DNA onderzoek
Screening voedingsintoleranties
Neurotransmitters test
Adrenale stress index
SKB test
Basisscreening darm
To measure is to know, if you know what you are measuring.

Targeted research provides insight into your health status.

Depending on your health complaints, I can request the research tests below on behalf of you from a specialized laboratory. I analyze the research results for you and discuss them extensively with you during our sessions.


The tests below are just a selection of the possible tests that can provide insight into your health status. The rates in the overview are the laboratory rates. I do not charge any extra costs for the conducted research. My analysis of the research results is included in the recovery program rate.


The rates in the overview are subject to change. Therefore, you cannot derive any rights from this overview. During the intake, I will indicate which examinations are necessary to effectively improve your health.