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"I really benefitted from Intermittend fasting"

-Woman, 31 years old


"Annet helped me when I was not feeling well. Annet's starting point is that both body and mind must be in balance.

We looked at my complaints and their nature. Based on this, Annet has adjusted my diet and we have adjusted this step by step.

She also gave me tips & tricks to get an overall balance.

After my diet was fully adjusted, and I got used to this, Annet suggested to start with intermittent fasting. This helped me so much. A reset body as the finishing touch! Annet is accessible and with her help I have also learned to eat tasty and healthy food and the lifestyle changes have been easy to implement. "

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"Walking every day worked wonders for my health and weight loss!"

- Woman, 66



After years of serious intestinal complaints, I recovered completely in a few months.

I also lost a lot of weight and that without an extreme diet. Thanks to Annets' very good support and tips, I eat more mindful and enjoy my meals.

In fact, everything is getting easier and better, my energy has also improved immensely and the walks have been THE key to insight and recovery for me!

Annet is very involved, professional and guides me with enormous insight and enthusiasm!

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"Our conversations at the beach helped me in my motivation issues"

- Man, 31


"Our conversations during the walk and the walk itself really gave me a better feeling and provided me with the motivation to do things differently."