"At the end of August 2020 I contacted Annet because I have been struggling with my health and my weight for years.


Annet advised me to follow the 16-8 intermittent fasting program and to my body with good nutrition and nutritional supplements.


Usually, I am not really into supplements, but with the help of Annet I started to feel better and I began to listen to my body. We searched for the right dosage and now it manage very well.


I have now lost 9 kilos within 5 months and I feel a lot more energetic and feel much better about myself.


At the beginning the idea of fasting didn't appeal to me, but actually it just went by itself, it took me little effort, but without Annet and her advice I would not have succeeded.


Her advice, support and insights have helped me tremendously. I now eat much healthier with Annet's recipes and I am now also experimenting with healthy food myself.


I recommend it to everyone. I have become a happier, more confident and healthier person. "


-woman, 58 years old

"Annet helped me when I was not feeling well. Annet's starting point is that both body and mind must be in balance.


We looked at my complaints and their nature. Based on this, Annet has adjusted my diet and we have adjusted this step by step. She also gave me tips & tricks to get an overall balance in my life.


After my diet was fully adjusted and I was used to this, Annet suggested to start with intermittent fasting. This has also done me very well.


A reset body as the finishing touch!


Annet is accessible and through her help I have also learned to eat tasty and healthy food and the lifestyle changes have been easy to implement. "


-woman, 31 years old



After years of serious intestinal complaints, I recovered completely in a few months.


In addition, I lost a lot of weight and that without counting calories or strict diet! Thanks to Annets' very good support and tips, I get to enjoy my meals and lose weight simultaneously. 


In fact, everything is getting easier and better, my energy has also improved heaps and the daily morning walks have been THE key to insight and recovery for me!


Annet is very involved, professional and guides me with enormous insight and enthusiasm! "


-woman, 66 years old

"I had been struggling for some time with various, serious, health complaints, including intestinal complaints (irregular, hypersensitive to certain foods), fatigue complaints, osteoarthritis of both knees and lack of energy. I also struggled with overweight, which I could never get rid of, or temporarily after following of yet another diet.

When I got to know Annet and her other way of looking at nutrition (orthomolecular therapy) through a dear friend, I had a good feeling about it and thought I would take up the challenge!

After an intake interview, 2 laboratory tests (blood and stool) and an overview of nutritional supplements and recipes, I got to work. First my intestines / liver had to detox and then the recovery process followed.

After only a few weeks I lost weight, very steadily and I started to feel better.
I got more energy. My bowel movements also improved. Even my osteoarthritis complaints became less. It did not disappear completely, but I am significantly less bothered by it, even days not at all.
Had to get used to the time you invest on some recipes in the beginning. You buy a lot of fresh vegetables and cutting and preparing takes a little more time. But that is a matter of organizing, thinking ahead and preparing dishes for several days (freezing portions).
Is much easier for me now I have got the hang of it. 

Annet made me aware of the use of a lot of fresh vegetables in your diet and making your own sauces, dressings, soups, but also biscuits and cakes etc. in a completely different way than what you are used to. Was used to regularly buy a ready-made salads, now I much rather prepare my own food.
Much more flavor, it sometimes really surprises me!

All in all, by becoming aware of what you eat, you also become much more aware of what it means for your health. It has now become clear to me that nutrition is an important part of your health.

Thank you dear Annet for your positive support and clear explanations! "


-woman, 63 years old