In my practice I work together with the RP Sanitas Humanus laboratory because I see eye to eye with RP Sanitas Humanus' vision on health and their high level of service and expertise.


When do we need laboratory research?


You are already doing everything right and you have already seen many specialists. You eat healthy, exercise enough, take your rest, but you still have those specific complaints. Then a basic gut (faeces) screening and/or health (blood) screening can provide general insights into general gut health and health in general. In addition, I can help with follow-up investigations based on your story, intake data from the Basic Session and previous investigations. In this way, through the process of excluding disorders, we can start with supplementation advice or gain more insight into the underlying causes for the complaints by looking at the body as a whole and not merely focusing on the symptoms or specific organs.


Often when my clients can still improve their diet, lifestyle and habits, I prefer to first focus on those important influences on health. After all, the point is that improvements take place and not that studies are conducted. I will indicate to you (during or after the Basic Session) that and which investigations could help us in gaining insight into and dealing with your complaints.


However, if certain health complaints still persist after orthomolecular intervention, laboratory research can provide insight into whether or not your biochemical processes are functioning properly. I always request laboratory tests for a reason and in consultation with you. In doing so, I will explain the options and discuss with you any follow-up investigations you could do and for what reasons.



RP Sanitas Humanus Vision on health


Sanitas Humanus - the healthy person

No individual is the same. In our view, individuality equals diversity. Based on this vision, we have focused on holistic health concepts for twenty years, in which the individual person is always central.

"Thinking in protocols is not our vision of health care. Our thinking focuses on people."

Complementary care has become highly professional in recent years, which has resulted in many treatment protocols. As a result, there is a stronger look at symptoms and therapeutic interventions aimed at them. The cause of the health complaints is thus pushed to the background. A negative side effect of this is that therapeutic prescriptions manifest themselves in shopping bags full of orthomolecular supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies, etc.


Our vision focuses on a complete picture of the health status of the individual; tracing the causes of the health complaints and finding out the relationship between the various symptoms.


RP Sanitas Humanus (RPSH) uses differentiated laboratory diagnostics, whereby we do not focus on everything that is possible, but on what is therapeutically necessary. We expressly refrain from diagnostics that have no therapeutic relevance. The laboratory results therefore lead to causal therapies and treatment options that are tailored to the patient in question.


Practical information

The test kits for faeces or blood tests, among other things, are sent to your home. These test kits contain extensive instructions. Results arrive usually within 10 working days.

My therapeutic analysis and the consequences of the studies on your treatment plan are free of charge.


I do not charge extra costs for applying for the results to your treatment plan. The invoices of the laboratory are sent directly to you and your are responsible for a timely payment of those invoices.