The starting points of my working method are personal guidance and attention to your story.


1. We start with an Online Intake .

During the Online Intake you will receive an initial estimate of your path to recovery from health complaints.


When we consider the treatment process together, you will receive a Basic Therapy Plan from me.


With the Basic Therapy Plan you can get started yourself while we have the necessary investigations running.


Further investigation (blood and / or stool) is always desirable for a thorough approach to your complaints. It depends on the nature of your health complaints which examinations are needed.



2. The Recovery Path


We have received the research results and I have analyzed them for you. You will first receive an extensive feedback from me on the research results.


For the Recovery path I request an investment of € 320 excluding laboratory costs and supplementation.


The online sessions each have a focus:

Session 1: Research & Supplementation

Session 2: Lifestyle

Session 3: Nutrition


Each phase of recovery involves specific supplements that I have to adjust to your personal situation.

Before you start the next recovery phase, we have a session in which we go through the specific phase. A phase can go faster or slower depending on your personal situation.


The four stages of recovery provide effective therapy:

Session 4: Phase I Detoxification

Session 5: Phase II Elimination

Session 6: Phase III Regeneration

Session 7: Phase IV stabilization



Online Coaching and / or Walking Coaching

Because stress management and listening to your body are the keys for each recovery process I offer both online coaching and walking coaching.


If you would like to continue to be coached by me, I have Coaching Packages that are interesting for you.


During the coaching session(s) I listen to your story and I mirror you. Emotions are given space and you are encouraged to connect with them.


I provide you with tools to support yourself and help you learn to recognize  your own body signals so that your therapy can integrate well into your life.


Through practical exercises and my feedback you will be more empowered!


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