"In my practice Eat&Sea Therapy, I support you using orthomolecular & gut therapy in your path to health so you can achieve a fundamental shift that allows a reduction of symptoms."

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My story

My name is Annet van de Velden. I am 33 years old and I grew up in Friesland. As the daughter of my parents (physiotherapist and lifecoach) I grew up with a holistic view on health where you don't only look at the place where the disease is manifested but you look at the whole person when treating disease.

From personal experience, I found out about the power of orthomolecular therapy and gut therapy. I suffered from hormonal, allergic and skin complaints until a certain age. The mainstream health care system failed me and I began to explore on my own to help myself. The orthomolecular therapy and healing power of nutrition grabbed me so strongly that I started studying again next to my job as a corporate lawyer. Because orthomolecular therapy made me feel so much better (and only really by intestinal therapy) I had a strong feeling that I wanted to help people with their health problems. This led to my practice Eat&Sea Therapy. Eat and Sea symbolizes food as medicine and the relaxation and tranquility that I have experienced at the coast. By eating good food that suits you and making time for relaxation on a daily basis you will see that you will improve. 


From my interest in the healing power of food and nutritional supplements, I started to study the gastrointestinal tract and digestion as an orthomolecular therapist. Many diseases have their origin in gastrointestinal problems and a non-optimal gastrointestinal environment. By restoring and optimizing the gastrointestinal tract, imbalances in the body can be restored, allowing orthomolecular therapy to be used more effectively during the therapy and afterwards. 


As a Gut Therapy Specialist and Orthomolecular Therapist I treat people of all ages (from newborn babies to old age). 

I regularly attend training and courses in the fields of gut health, orthomolecular medicine and preventative care. 

I look forward to guiding you in your quest for better health, vitality and tone!



If you would like to know more about my background as a lawyer and view my trainings, please refer to my LinkedIn profile.

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